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Portait Tattoos

Jul. 13th, 2010 | 08:04 pm

So i have these really beautiful pictures of my grandparents that I'm wanting as two separate pieces the only places I can think of is either the backs of my calves or on the inside of my arm.
The only problem with the inside of my arms (so that they are across the main veins pumping blood to and from my heart) is that I already have this large portrait on the inner forearm right below my armpit on my right arm, and I thought it might look like a sloppy placement choice.

I dunno guys tell me what you think!

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Calf Tattoos

Jun. 24th, 2010 | 03:11 pm
mood: sleepysleepy
music: P.O.D ALIVE

Right so I found two beautiful portraits of my grandparents when they where in their twenties and really want them tattooing on the back of my calves in a sort of cameo silhouette frame.

Sort of like this but obviously with the portraits inside the frame.
Any suggestions?



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Tuesday Blues.

May. 18th, 2010 | 01:45 pm
music: Mutemath - Spotlight (Twilight Mix) | Powered by Last.fm

Been tied up all day and wanting to get out of the house, but I have to stay in and wait until 5 for an appointment at the hospital. But its been canceled, two hours before I'm meant to go in for it.

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Flip Book Project

May. 18th, 2010 | 01:26 pm
music: Stateless - The Language ft. Lateef The TruthSpeaker | Powered by Last.fm

A three day project based on identity, experimenting with playful themes to re-create a characteristic or reaction that defines a part of my personality.
Using flip book animation and package design to craft this idea.
The box is made of paper from a coffin template I designed myself and the book is Japanese bound.

28 illustrations from a flip book animation, based on photographs, focusing on the movement of the hair and using negative space to create the shape of the face.

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May. 18th, 2010 | 01:21 pm
music: Stateless - The Language ft. Lateef The TruthSpeaker | Powered by Last.fm

This man is God, is portfolio is pure sex.

Definitely the marmite of photography.

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May. 18th, 2010 | 01:14 pm
music: Paramore - Decode | Powered by Last.fm

A T-shirt design exploring celebrity culture. At the time of printing this, Amy Winehouse was very much in the public eye and it felt appropriate to create something that would create a reaction to the tabloid obsession.

This T-shirt will be exhibited at student art collective ‘Blitz’ in London.

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Sun, Cigarettes and CS5

May. 18th, 2010 | 01:11 pm
music: Evol Intent - Maybe We'll Dance Tomorrow | Powered by Last.fm

So I've Broken up for summer before I start my FdA at Camberwell in September, and I really want to start working a on a little independent clothing business probably through BigCartel.
I'm really itching to get some t-shirts printed!

The picture is a design I've just finished, not sure which version I prefer.

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Anna Gaskell

May. 18th, 2010 | 01:07 pm
music: A-Trak - Say Whoa | Powered by Last.fm

I've been looking at a book called 'Sex in Graphic Design' & I came across this photographer.
I love this poignant, macabre element that has really been experimented with in this photo. her work references many other concepts and directors.

Alice in Wonderland + Alfred Hitchcock = Anna Gaskell.
- Manipulating connotations of child innocence.

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First Tattoo!

May. 17th, 2010 | 03:09 pm
mood: crazycrazy
music: A-Trak - Say Whoa | Powered by Last.fm

So I got a tattoo this weekend in London by Piotrek Tatton at 'Good Times Studios' which is actually Nikole Lowe's new studio (Tattoo artist from London Ink)

Its a portrait of Andy Warhol!


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Kingston Portfolio Interview!

May. 17th, 2010 | 03:06 pm
music: Blame - Stay Forever | Powered by Last.fm

A Short Stop Motion I made for an interview at Kingston.
Pretty Simple, please excuse my man boobs..

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